Member Assistance Programme

The Members Assistance Programme (M.A.P), provided by Resolve Counselling Centre, is a confidential, cost-effective mental health support service.

Resolve’s MAP is provided to organisations, businesses, care homes, schools (primary & post primary) and sports clubs.

MAP offers support to organisations concerned with their students, members or employee’s psychological health and over-all wellbeing.

The service we provide can be based on the organisational need and includes up to six, one to one counselling sessions per member and two group workshops, of your choice, per year at a cost effective price.

Who can avail of the MAP programme?

The M.A.P program can be adapted to the needs of different organizations, such as primary, secondary schools, Sports Clubs, Care facilities and small businesses.

We all face challenges that can cause stress or leave us feeling overwhelmed with daily life. As a parent, student, or employee you may need some advice, or personal support. We can give confidential counselling and expert advice on issues that may be affecting your mental health, as part of your package with your organisation.

MAP can be paid through either the organisation as an employer funded benefit, or by the members of an organisation such as school or club on an annual basis.

Its Cost Effective!

Prices are dependant on the number of members your organisation, the more members the lower the cost per member.

It's Tailored to You!

Resolve management work closely with school liaison teams, and organisational managers to provide effective packages that are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each organisation.

Packages can be based on the staff members only or can include their families.

Workshops can be delivered to company needs, ie Stress Management, Burnout, Loss and Grief, Compassion Fatigue, Bullying.

It’s Confidential!

Our service is completely confidential, Organisations will only get a number as to how many members have used the service and not personal information or what you talk to us about.

Once an organisation has set up, members are given information as to how to access it and then can contact the centre themselves in a confidential manner.

The sessions will last 50minutes and normally consists of 6sessions, however this may be extended if the need arises.

One-to-one counselling for members involve sessions that can be facilitated either in our therapy rooms in Resolve Counselling Centre, by telephone or through Zoom online support.

We are integrative counsellors, therefore the sessions maybe tailored to the need of the individual and are based on a solution-focused therapy

What are the benefits of the MAP programme?

MAP offers Schools immediate help and support from the age of six upwards with personal issues such as grief, anxiety, low self-esteem, bullying, separation/divorce and family issues.

Sports club members benefit through increase performance, coping & resilience skills, conflict resolution & decision-making skills and increased confidence.

MAP can help an individual in the workplace when struggling with relationships, stress, bereavement, managing workloads effectively. It supports members mental health, reduce absenteeism and stress levels, increase motivation, build emotional resilience and learn effective communication styles

MAP in Care facilities offers a Trauma Informed approach to support Staff. Help build resilience, offer one to one confidential support, and to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout in staff.

Packages are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization.
Email us below with, the name of your organisation, contact details and number of members for more information.

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